309d4ff221be78cf4a05f6a5b19b3dfbAPPETITE_WedWords_LoveYourselfLWallace_paintingDo you love yourself, even the flaws? I know I sure don’t – o my goodness – I have nothing but critique after critique of my daily appearance and actions. My hair is so plain and my clothes are just as boring – I could also use some major work in the “patient wife” department…

My expectations are high and I’m never measuring up. Oh how life would just turn around If I was a little kinder to myself. How about words of affirmation instead of criticism. Is this something you struggle with on a daily basis? I know God loves me unconditionally and more deeply than I could ever comprehend – Now if only I believed it!

Im doing an experiment today – Im writing down every mean comment that is on repeat in my head – oh what a shocker this will be, Ek!

Need a daily reminder to be kind to yourself? Get this weeks Wednesdays Words on your walls for only ONE DOLLAR. Until next Wednesday enjoy the 8×10 Love Yourself handwritten quote as a $1 download in our Etsy Shop and print at work or from home. Hooray!

Original Handwritten Type by Rachael Baldwin of Appetite Paper

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Arro-scarf dad8fae6f380174cced73d00d2c43113DoAnything_Appetite_8x10Printcrop.phpI will say it over and over again, “I can not do everything”. My schedule is always jammed packed simply because I wish I could do it all. The design projects, the fun DIYS, amazing meals, planning parties – all while begin a great wife, daughter, friend, sister and business owner  – but unfortunately we have to sleep and let us not forget to have fun and relax at some point, right?

I need to create a new filter for when it comes to saying Yes. Really think a commitment over before I open up the gates of “sure, count me in!” as I always seem to stumble to keep life balanced. Strangely enough, when I accept I can not do it all and allow for some grace (instead of pushing forward with my ridiculous expectations) things are a bit more peaceful in our household. Thankfully God loves me no matter what is scratched off my To-Do list – To Him I am enough. Cheers to saying No – You over achievers!

P.s. We have some GOOD news! Our Wednesday Words can now fill your frames for only a $1 on Etsy. Download an 8×10 quote and just print at home or at work. Purchase your print here and add the Ribba Ikea frame and voila – Beautiful gallery walls are in progress for under $10.

This weeks Wednesday Words color palette was inspired by the beautiful work of Megan Weston. Her Kingscliff painting is just the beginning, her use of color is so wonderful and pushes me outside the box when grabbing some new color combos!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Original Type Inspiration by Appetite Paper

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FetePaper_01AppetitePaper_EnjoyTheLittleThingsLuciEverett_FlowerShow-02-2I’m starting a new blog post series friends! We’ll call it Wednesday Words – I just love these posts, “Hand Drawn Love” by the talented Maddy Nye on DesignLoveFest and felt inspired to do a little something of my own.  Each week I’ll uncover new inspiration and fun ways to explore type!

Now I’m Guilty – with my hand raised – for focusing on the negative. I mean come on… Life. Is. Hard. Are you with me? but today I found a little reminder to keep our eyes focused on all things good… A quiet ride to work with the windows down.  The warm tea by our desk. Good health, so I can “enjoy” a nice jog through the park…

Lately I’ve challenged myself to soak in all these little joys through out the day, reminding myself “This moment is pretty great” and life has proven to be a lot more enjoyable.

Because lets be honest, through all the “reality” life has to offer (Broken cars, student loans, challenging jobs, tight budgets :) God has graciously blessed us with a million and one things to be thankful for. So lets enjoy the little things, it will turn our day around!


This weeks Wednesday Words color palette was inspired by the energetic painting by Luci Everett above, Isn’t she great? You must see the rest of her work, she does such an wonderful job at capturing her imagination on paper.

 Images 1 / 23  Original Type Illustration by Appetite Paper

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Blog14_AppetitePaperBlog15_AppetitePaperBlog17_AppetitePaper Blog16_AppetitePaperAnother addition to our portfolio family, what a busy year its been so far. My favorite part is not only handing over the finished result to the client, but also capturing their paper goodies on film. Sometime I work so quickly I don’t even have time to take in all the details and I just love how these gift registry cards turn out. The small things alway seem to make a project. So thankful to be apart of this personal event, it was such a joy to create!

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Blog1_AppetitePaper Blog2_AppetitePaper Blog3_AppetitePaper Blog4_AppetitePaperAn adorable baby shower invitation with a classic pink bow gives me a bit of baby fever. I especially love the causal celebration this wonderful client put on. A BBQ for the mother and father to be? What a great way to welcome new parents!

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Blog6_AppetitePaperBlog8_AppetitePaperBlog5_AppetitePaper Blog9_AppetitePaperBlog7_AppetitePaperA dreamy color palette perfect for a summer wedding. I just love the little cocktail and reception details. Thanks to a wonderfully gracious couple, we were able to create something so special for their big day. Being open to creativity and bold colors will always lead you down a great path!


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Blog10_AppetitePaperBlog13_AppetitePaper Blog12_AppetitePaperAny bachelorette party is a guaranteed good time, but a little water color and pop of pink will certainly help generate some excitement. This one quickly becomes a personal favorite with a aqua velvet accent, too cute to ignore.

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AppetitePaper_NoteCards09AppetitePaper_NoteCards06AppetitePaper_NoteCards02AppetitePaper_NoteCards07AppetitePaper_NoteCards08AppetitePaper_NoteCards01We’ve updated our color dipped notecards! With more vibrant blues and hints of green these quickly became my new favorite. They are now made on 100% tree-free smooth cotton paper. Bright white, and paired with premium craft envelopes. Choose between adding a hint of gold with your personal monogram, or keep it simple. Take a peek into our shop and get the details. Customers in the U.S. enjoy free shipping! Hooray!

Don’t forget a portion of your purchase provides resources for this seasons non profit partner.

Images c/o Rachael Baldwin for Appetite Paper


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LiveSimply_AppetitePaperAppetite paper runs on a passion that could sustain me for a lifetime. Meaning I absolutely love what I do. While I could relish for days in pattern and color, Appetite was founded on a very simple Idea. To use our creative resources to impact our neighbors in need.

Although we hold tight to creating affordable designs and stationery, we cling to a few words of wisdom, “live simply and give more.” Not just to claim the crown of a fun loving company, but actually build a community that thrives off generosity. Take comfort in the fact that we actually practice what we preach. Challenged to be generous with our time and money we team up with a vivid non profit partner each season. As they deservingly claim 15% of our profits, we extend our resources to be welcomed as their own.

And we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty… In fact that’s the whole point, to get involved! Fighting right along side them, adopting their mission and goals as if they were our first born child. Yeah, that’s how much we love on them! Why do we do it? Because at the end of the day – this little stationery kingdom I passionately pursue means nothing unless we can impact our friends in need.

As our first partnership comes to a conclusion I am so thrilled to announce our very first non profit donation. We are so thankful for lessons learned in our first year, and the opportunity to be apart of the Acts Metro team. To picture where we were a year ago seems surreal, in the midst of it all you don’t witness the growth, but as I look back I am filled with encouragement.

So I have a quick question, Would you go a night without power in order to give your neighbor a chance to have their lights on? Well you did it! With this check of $267, we are providing almost three months of bill assistance for a family going through a financial crisis. The pressure will be lifted and they will be reminded that they are loved by their community. What a gift.

This check may seem small to some, but to me it one of those “Im blown away” moments. What started off as a tiny seed, a simple idea, is now reality. Its wild! What a great testament to keep dreaming friends. I now see how God turns nothing into something. Only He could transform stationery into a tangible resource for ones day-to-day survival. Thank you to everyone for there unwavering love this past year. Everyone that has purchased, provided resources, prayed and encouraged me along the way with your support. Im grateful for your faithfulness.

My husband also gets a special shout out, after all he is the one dealing with the day to day mood swings and exhaustion :)

Big hug friends – this check is all you! Cheers!

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