Blog6_AppetitePaperBlog8_AppetitePaperBlog5_AppetitePaper Blog9_AppetitePaperBlog7_AppetitePaperA dreamy color palette perfect for a summer wedding. I just love the little cocktail and reception details. Thanks to a wonderfully gracious couple, we were able to create something so special for their big day. Being open to creativity and bold colors will always lead you down a great path!


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Blog10_AppetitePaperBlog13_AppetitePaper Blog12_AppetitePaperAny bachelorette party is a guaranteed good time, but a little water color and pop of pink will certainly help generate some excitement. This one quickly becomes a personal favorite with a aqua velvet accent, too cute to ignore.

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AppetitePaper_NoteCards09AppetitePaper_NoteCards06AppetitePaper_NoteCards02AppetitePaper_NoteCards07AppetitePaper_NoteCards08AppetitePaper_NoteCards01We’ve updated our color dipped notecards! With more vibrant blues and hints of green these quickly became my new favorite. They are now made on 100% tree-free smooth cotton paper. Bright white, and paired with premium craft envelopes. Choose between adding a hint of gold with your personal monogram, or keep it simple. Take a peek into our shop and get the details. Customers in the U.S. enjoy free shipping! Hooray!

Don’t forget a portion of your purchase provides resources for this seasons non profit partner.

Images c/o Rachael Baldwin for Appetite Paper


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LiveSimply_AppetitePaperAppetite paper runs on a passion that could sustain me for a lifetime. Meaning I absolutely love what I do. While I could relish for days in pattern and color, Appetite was founded on a very simple Idea. To use our creative resources to impact our neighbors in need.

Although we hold tight to creating affordable designs and stationery, we cling to a few words of wisdom, “live simply and give more.” Not just to claim the crown of a fun loving company, but actually build a community that thrives off generosity. Take comfort in the fact that we actually practice what we preach. Challenged to be generous with our time and money we team up with a vivid non profit partner each season. As they deservingly claim 15% of our profits, we extend our resources to be welcomed as their own.

And we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty… In fact that’s the whole point, to get involved! Fighting right along side them, adopting their mission and goals as if they were our first born child. Yeah, that’s how much we love on them! Why do we do it? Because at the end of the day – this little stationery kingdom I passionately pursue means nothing unless we can impact our friends in need.

As our first partnership comes to a conclusion I am so thrilled to announce our very first non profit donation. We are so thankful for lessons learned in our first year, and the opportunity to be apart of the Acts Metro team. To picture where we were a year ago seems surreal, in the midst of it all you don’t witness the growth, but as I look back I am filled with encouragement.

So I have a quick question, Would you go a night without power in order to give your neighbor a chance to have their lights on? Well you did it! With this check of $267, we are providing almost three months of bill assistance for a family going through a financial crisis. The pressure will be lifted and they will be reminded that they are loved by their community. What a gift.

This check may seem small to some, but to me it one of those “Im blown away” moments. What started off as a tiny seed, a simple idea, is now reality. Its wild! What a great testament to keep dreaming friends. I now see how God turns nothing into something. Only He could transform stationery into a tangible resource for ones day-to-day survival. Thank you to everyone for there unwavering love this past year. Everyone that has purchased, provided resources, prayed and encouraged me along the way with your support. Im grateful for your faithfulness.

My husband also gets a special shout out, after all he is the one dealing with the day to day mood swings and exhaustion :)

Big hug friends – this check is all you! Cheers!

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HappyBirthday_Appetite02!!Happy03!!Happy02 HappyBirthday_Appetite11HappyBirthday_Appetite08HappyBirthday_Appetite04HappyBirthday_Appetite01

HappyBirthday_Appetite16I’ve always enjoyed making birthdays an extra special day, but it never fails to be last minute. So I really have to make the most of what’s already on hand. With some simple folded paper, markers and ribbon – It’s easy to make your family dinner a little more memorable.

Fun, colorful confetti strokes and a quick script name for your place cards and a few wooden skewers to serve as a cake banner, makes the night a bit more festive :) We had so much fun – the weekend just flew by, as they usual tend to do.

Have a wonderful day friends!

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So the month of May was one wild ride. In the midst of designing our first collection there was so much room for doubt and questions to creep in. Mainly, how would I respond if no one enjoyed the invitations as much as I did. There could very well be crickets at the end of this long road… would I still feel as though I’ve succeeded?

Well as you may know, success lies within our own personal definition. You may find success after you hear the words “Good Job” but with the past as my proof – When you leave your fate in the hands of others, you are sure to be disappointed. There will always be criticism following your latest celebration, and once again you are not enough.

Normally sustained off the hope that people would one day validate and praise me for my hard work – I found myself consumed with endless to-dos and a bitter energy pushing me towards a finish line that never seemed to come into view.

Thankfully, God was by my side this time, instead of being consumed with the stress and anxiety to preform, I actually enjoyed the design process? Working hard none the less, but taking breaks and resting in the truth that I am unconditionally loved right where I’m at. No abundance or lack of success, wealth or praise could take His love away from me. Ultimately giving me permission to fail, permission to rest when I am tired? What freedom!

So now we know, no matter what may overwhelm, whether we’re drowning in work or cant seem to obtain that ideal dress size, we are letting go together. We are loved. We are loved unconditionally, even without completing one more task on our to-do list (I know its tempting) or loosing one more pound. No more endless striving, we can rest.

Illustration by Rachael Baldwin for Appetite Paper

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Appetitepaper_StudioUpdate_06Appetitepaper_StudioUpdate_01 Appetitepaper_StudioUpdate_03Appetitepaper_StudioUpdate_05Appetitepaper_StudioUpdate_02Appetitepaper_StudioUpdate_04With a wild month of May – I had to force myself to relax and enjoy some peaceful painting time this week. It was so nice to just create with out any expectations or end goal in mind. I especially made time for some painterly doodles in the early morning hours, my new favorite thing. If you’ve been following along on instagram - this comes as no surprise. Its so nice to enjoy the morning, instead of just jumping into your clothes and heading out the door. Whats your favorite morning ritual? or are you also trying to break the habit of waking up ten minutes before work. Sometimes those extra minutes in bed are totally worth it :)

Hope everyone has something relaxing and fun planned for the weekend – if even just for a moment!

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AppetitePaper_OliviaAppetitePaper_Olivia_03AppetitePaper_Olivia_01 AppetitePaper_Olivia_02AppetitePaper_Olivia_04 AppetitePaper_Olivia_05 AppetitePaper_Olivia_07AppetitePaper_Olivia_06The Olivia Suite comes in with the last splash as our first wedding collection debut comes to an end. She is the glorious fourth in our family of four and her painterly details have endless color possibilities. The beauty of our flat digital printing process? You can use as many personalized colors as your little heart desires. So I choose them all.

Your invitations are always paired perfectly with our premium heavy card stock and European flap envelopes, high quality while remaining budget friendly. Who knew quality and cost would someday make the perfect match!

With the perfect price and easy ordering – this whole wedding planning process is a breeze, am I right? Not quite, but we can make it a bit easier! Get to know our ordering process, timing and look over our detailed pricing list. You can even visit our shop to request a sample of your favorite suite.

Have a superb weekend everyone. I’m in a need of some shut eye and relaxation time :) Make sure you are a follower on instagram this weekend – big announcement next week that you can’t miss!

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FullSuite_BlkWhite_00_AddressAppetitepaper_KatieSuite_10Appetitepaper_KatieSuite_03Appetitepaper_KatieSuite_11Appetitepaper_KatieSuite_06Appetitepaper_KatieSuite_07Appetitepaper_KatieSuite_09Appetitepaper_KatieSuite_13The Katie Suite quickly became a favorite from our first wedding collection, as it took on a personality of its own with pops of oranges and teal. People may under estimate the power of black and white, with a color soaked envelope and fun party details you can move this classic combo in just about any direction.

Or trade in the classic for some bright summer hues with your own vision of color, as each suite is customizable to your day. With hand painted patterns adding a personal touch to each piece, its truly one of a kind. Our invitations are always printed on premium heavy card stock, making a real presence in the hands of your honored guest. Paired with premium envelopes and a fun design process, ordering is made easy!

Take a peek into the ordering process, order a sample and gander at our price list. We are here to help, so be sure to reach out if you have any questions!

Images c/o Rachael Baldwin for Appetite Paper

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